My name is Christopher Ogirri. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I work as a Software developer/Application Support Engineer in a Telecom vendor outfit here in Lagos. In my current job, I have worked on various levels of the Software delivery Life cycle from Requirements Analysis to Development to Application Support.

I got into Programming in my early teens in Secondary School coding BASIC mostly on paper and then after that proceeded to a ‘Computer College’ to do BASIC  (I think the particular dialect was GW BASIC) , COBOL , Dbase ( and some other archaic languages/Database Management Systems that I may never use in my life again) on a Computer. I started my university education in Computer Science at the University of Lagos, Akoka and completed my Bachelors from Anglia Polytechnic University ( now called Anglia Ruskin University). I am now interested in Software development and more importantly how to develop ‘Quality’ software.

This page will be updated with more information as things come up so please check back….


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  1. Hello Christopher, great to read your profile. Hope to read from you in the days ahead. Regards.

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